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Moving Home

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We know that moving house or apartment can be a difficult, stressful time. You’ve just found your dream home and are deciding to move up the property ladder, but what are the next steps. It is important that you search the market for the best possible mortgage offering. Don’t assume your current lender has the best possible offer – they are often restricted in what they can offer you. There are also a number of things that need to be taken into account:


Do you plan to hold onto your current home and rent it out?

Do you just want to sell and move?

Do you have a negative equity property that you wish to sell and carry the mortgage over to a new property?

Do you have a property in negative equity that you wish to hold on to and seek a new mortgage on a new property?


Over the past number of months, we have helped customers in all of the above scenarios, and what’s important to bear in mind is each bank has different criteria.

As an Independent Broker we can advise without prejudice on all the mortgage offerings available in the market for trading-up / moving home. Typical queries that need to be considered:


Which bank will lend you the most i.e. which banks take account of allowances, bonuses and overtime?

How do the different banks treat the self-employed? Which bank will add back items to increase your salary?

What mortgage rates apply and which should you choose – the key to understanding the difference between Fixed, Variable and Discount mortgage rates?

What is the maximum term available?

How much should you really pay for your mortgage protection cover?


Our Mortgage Advisers are experts when it comes to dealing with mortgage lenders. After assessing your individual situation and advising you accordingly we will then professionally package your application so that it meets fully with the expectations of the proposed bank.  We will liaise with the lender throughout the mortgage application to ensure all requirements are met and the mortgage is drawn-down as promptly as possible. In addition, we are flexible with regard to meeting times – you don’t have to take time off work, as you would with a main street bank. We will meet you at a time and location of your choosing, including up to 9pm Monday to Friday.

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