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First Time Buyers

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We’ll guide you through the process of choosing a mortgage product that’s right for you and more importantly be there for you once the repayments start. Our bespoke service consists of 5 simple steps:

1. Advise you of your borrowing limits

  • With a small amount of information from you we’ll be able to give you a general idea as to how much the banks will be prepared to offer you

2. Ascertain your ability to repay

  • Using our bespoke budget calculator app, we’ll help you determine the amount of monthly repayment you can afford to take on. More importantly, we’ll show you the effect this will have on the rest of your finances.

3. Get you the best rate and repayment terms available from our panel of providers

  • Fixed rates
  • Discounted variable
  • Early repayment options

4. Manage the drawdown of the mortgage

  • We’ll work hard to ensure that the money is there when you need it.

5. Review

  • The most important feature of the service. We’ll meet with you 1 year after your 1st repayment to carry out a brief review of your circumstances. We’ll update your household budget calculator and answer any questions you may have in relation to managing your repayments.


Even if you are not ready to obtain a mortgage now, we can advise you on what you need to do, give you an indication of how much you can borrow so you know your spending level and prepare you for a mortgage in the future.

So whether you’re a first time buyer, are looking to take your next step on the property ladder or you simply want to see if you can get a better interest rate on your current borrowing, call us today on 01-2966120 or email to discuss your own circumstances and be assured of our professional approach at all times.

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